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PatriotNet National Broadband Residential DSL Services

Announcing new, lower-priced broadband access services, available in many locations nationwide, from PatriotNet!







Basic Broadband

up to 384/128 Kbps*

105 or 280**

up to 608/128 Kbps*

105 or 280**
TeleSurfer Plus

up to 1.5 Mbps/128 Kbps*

105 or 280**

For even faster ADSL options, consider PatriotNet's TeleSoho 1.5 and 3.0 Mbps ADSL Services, perfect for homes with multiple computers on a network, or teleworkers.

* TeleSurfer ADSL service uses industry-standard Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) technology. It is a rate-adaptive DSL service, with actual speeds determined by the length and condition of the delivered circuit.

Equipment included with service - Basic Broadband, TeleSurfer, and TeleSurfer Plus include a bridge (DSL modem).

** ADSL setup cost is $105 upfront, or 12 monthly installments of $9.50 each for Self-Install option, or $280 upfront, or 12 monthly installments of $25.50 each for Professional Install option; see below for details.

Setup  (Installation) Options for Basic Broadband, TeleSurfer, and TeleSurfer Plus




$105, or 12 monthly installments of $9.50 each


Install DSL service yourself, if your home qualifies! Pre-qualification is required. This option includes direct shipping to customer of one complete DSL JumpStart Install Kit containing ethernet bridge (DSL modem) for ADSL services, step-by-step illustrated quickstart guide, and all required line filters and cables, plus toll-free  installation support.
NOTE: Orders placed with Self-Install option may still require the services of a professional Covad technician. An installation technician dispatch can be requested after the self-install kit has been received for an additional cost of $175.



Professional Install:

$280, or 12 monthly installments of $25.50 each



Includes in-home installation of DSL JumpStart Install Kit or comparable equipment supplied by a professional Covad technician. Also includes cost and installation of NID splitter or inline filters (technician to determine which), basic inspection of inside wiring between NID and an existing RJ-11 wall jack where service to be installed, and verification of successful installation from end-user PC. Does not include repair or installation of inside wiring.

NOTE: All service options require a 12 month commitment.

NOTE: DSL service is distance sensitive; your distance from your telephone company central switching office will determine for which DSL service you qualify.

NOTE: PatriotNet's Residential DSL services are available only for use at residential addresses.

NOTE: ADSL service requires a PC or Macintosh computer with an Ethernet card installed.

NOTE:  Placing a pre-qualified order for DSL does not guarantee delivery of service. DSL service to your location may be technically unfeasible due to one or more of the following: actual length of the phone company circuit too long to support service ordered, lack of available copper circuits to the customer premises, existence of Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs) or other electronics along certain telephone lines, or quality or unavailability of local phone lines.

NOTE: Allow 2 to 6 weeks for installation of service.


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All National Broadband Residential DSL Customers Receive:

  • Unlimited Internet access
  • One Dynamic IP number
  • One e-mail account; additional accounts available for a nominal charge
  • 10 MB Web server space at PatriotNet
  • One UNIX shell account
  • Activation of DSL service over existing phone line for Basic Broadband, TeleSurfer, and TeleSurfer Plus (using line-sharing technology).


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